Tuesday, June 21, 2016

ZK2016 Memories

We have said it many times and many ways, but it is worth repeating: this event is because of all of the awesome people that come and have a great time together.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, and for all FUN, laughs, and smiles. We truly are better together!

Thank You ZK2016 Sponsors!

Once again all of the retreat-goers were blown away by the quantity and quality of  prizes that were donated by our over-the-top GENEROUS 2016 Sponsors.

We had so much gratitude and thank yous, we took pictures every night! Thank you so much from everyone at ZK2016!

Day 1 Prize Winners:
A photo posted by Stockinette Zombies (@stockinettezombies) on

Day 2 Prize Winners:

Day 3 Prize Winners:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

ZK2016 Enabling

This episode is ALL enabling from the ZK2016 goodie bags, to the wonderful prizes from the generous sponsors that support our knitting community! Grab your knitting, and join us!