Thursday, June 16, 2022

ZK2022 Events

 Details about items on the event schedule


Wed June 22 3PM-5:00PM – Doubletree Main Ballroom

Th June 23 9AM-11AM, 1PM-3PM – Doubletree Main Ballroom

Check-in, and get your badge & awesome goodie bag

Classes and Designers

Classes are available Thursday through Saturday and require registration prior to arrival. For for information visit: Classes Descriptions

Designers will have their own time slots. No prior registration is required.

Opening/Closing Ceremonies with Prize Drawings

Th June 23 4-5PM – Doubletree Main Ballroom

Sat June 25 5:30-6:30PM – Doubletree Main Ballroom

Let's all get together for a little administrati and tons of fabulous door prizes from our wonderful sponsors. You must be present to win, so don't miss out!

Photo Booth

Th June 23 7:30-10:30PM – Doubletree Ballroom Entrance

Grab some friends and strike a pose! Each person in the picture gets their own strip of the pictures as a memento.

Pajama Party – Hello Event

Th June 23 7:30-10PM – Doubletree Main Ballroom

Are you ready to have some fun and eat some fun food? This hello event is the the sheep's pajamas! We are having a camp out and you are all invited to wear your coolest PJs! Fair Food is on the menu!  

$25 Yarn Lottery

Th June 23 9PM – University I

Do you have a skein of yarn that is practically perfect in every single way, but that just isn’t you? Bring it to the yarn lottery and try your luck at getting something that makes your heart sing. One $25 skein per person will get you a random ticket which determines the order you get to choose from all the skeins brought. Anything over $25 will not get extra entries.

5K Run/Walk

Fri June 24 - 8:45AM Meet in Lobby for 9AM Start

Registered run/walkers will receive swag and be eligible for prizes. If you were unable to register, please feel free to run/walk on the public trails, or cheer on the participants. Any inclement weather cancellation notifications will be sent to the 5K email distribution list, as well as posted on Stockinette Zombies twitter. We will not run/walk if there is lightning, but will run/walk in the rain. For for information visit: Route & Register Prediction Times (due: June 18th)

Yarn Truck Rodeo

         Fri June 24 10:00AM – 3:00PM  - Hollandberry Parking Lot

         Shuttle to the Rodeo running from 10:00AM - 2:00PM loading at the south entrance. A fun shopping experience and a chance to eat at Hollandberry! 

Popcorn, Fruit and Chicken&Waffles?

Fri June 24 3PM-4PM – Doubletree Main Ballroom

          Grab some fixings and have a nice afternoon snack!

Stitch Marker Swap

Fri June 24 5:00PM – Larger Ballroom

Bring some stitch-markers to swap with other people until you run out!

Group Photo

Fri June 24 5:30PM – Doubletree lobby

Bring your smile! This photo will a memento available on the Internet to remember the good times and see your new knitting besties.

Knitwear Adoption

Fri June 24 7:15PM – Commons Room

You knit it, you loved it, but it is no longer for you. This event will help you clean out your knitwear closet and find a new home that doesn't involve frogging a whole FO. Doesn't fit? Bring It! Not your colors? Bring It! What were you thinking? Bring It! Offer up items for adoption, and be someone's knitwear hero! Please note: You must be willing to give your item freely with nothing in exchange.

Key Note Speaker – Xandy Peters

Fri June 24 8-9PM – Doubletree Main Ballroom

          Enjoy a presentation "Sketch to Knit"  You don’t need to be able to draw to be good at sketching. Whether you’re developing a new fairisle motif or simply changing the neckline of a sweater, sketching is a powerful tool to help organize and preserve your knitting ideas and quickly try out different concepts. Xandy will share case studies where sketching solved problems and strategies for successful sketching.

Marketplace Shopping

Sat June 25 10AM-12PM – Private Market for retreat attendees - Doubletree Main Ballroom

          Sat June 25 1PM - 3PM Public Market   A great shopping experience!  

Desserts with Friends! - Goodbye Event

Sat June 25 8PM – Doubletree Main Ballroom

We've knit, chatted, learned, and laughed together the last few days. Please join us in this celebratory dessert and gather together one last time to say goodbye.