Monday, May 29, 2023

ZK2023 Class Information



T1 : Low Impact Exercises for Crafter with Pat Hensley

Description: Do you spend a lot of time crafting and not exercise the other muscles of your body? We will do some exercises for our neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and core muscles. You only do what you can do because there is no judgement here!  You can do most of the exercises sitting down and if you are able, you can do some of them standing. It will be a lot of fun!

Materials: Bring a bottle of water so you can stay hydrated.

Duration: 45 minutes

When: Thursday 6/22 9:00 - 9:45AM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_t1_low_impact_exercise

Class Size Limit: 25

T2 : Knitlicious Notes with Jen and Jessi

Description: Create knitting themed note and greeting cards to celebrate all of life’s moments. You will take home a set of 8 unique cards to send to the ones you love!

Materials: Participants will need colored pencils/alcohol markers/coloring utensils of choice, tape runner, class kit (small fee to cover materials)

Duration: 45 minutes

When: Thursday 6/22 9:00 - 9:45AM, Hall 3

Discord Channel: #zk2023_t2_knitlisious_notes

Class Size Limit: 25

T3 : Coffee Bean Swap with Laura Haave

Description: A delicious cup of coffee is essential for marathon crafting sessions. Bring a 12 oz bag of coffee from your local roastery or coffee shop and swap with one other ZK attendee for their local beans! At the swap, we will introduce ourselves and share where we're from and a bit about the coffee we brought, then swap.

Either whole bean or ground is fine; please make sure the bag of beans you bring is tightly sealed.

Materials: Bring a 12 oz bag of coffee from your local roastery or coffee shop. If you would like to bring more than one bag, that's totally fine; the number of bags you bring = the number of bags you leave with.

Duration: 30 minutes

When: Thursday 6/22 9:45 - 10:15AM, Atrium

Discord Channel: #zk2023_t3_coffee_bean_swap

Class Size Limit: none

T4 : Intro to Tunisian Crochet with Lesley Reynolds

Description: An introduction to basic Tunisian Crochet to include casting on, the basic Tunisian Crochet stitch and casting off.

Materials: 50 yards of worsted weight yarn, and either a Tunisian Crochet hook or a regular straight shaft crochet hook

Duration: 75 minutes

When: Thursday 6/22 10:00 - 11:15AM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_t4_tunisian_crochet

Class Size Limit: 20

T5 : Style It with Shana Cohen

Description: Do you have a knit or crochet accessory you struggle with styling? Join this interactive workshop to experiment with styling finished pieces. We will also look at photographing finished objects using a smartphone and tripod.

Materials: Bring at least 1 finished knit or crochet accessory you would like help styling or photographing.

Duration: 45 minutes

When: Thursday 6/22 11:30 - 12:15AM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_t5_style_it

Class Size Limit: 15

T6 : Short Rows x 4:Learing short row variations with Julia Swart

Description: In this class you will learn four types of short row stitches, including wrap and turn, Japanese, German, and twin stitch. We will also discuss the pros and cons and how to substitute different styles into project.

Materials: Yarn and needles of choice, locking stitch markers or safety pins

Duration: 75 minutes

When: Thursday 6/22 12:30 - 1:45 PM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_t6_short_rows

Class Size Limit: 20

T7 : Let's Get Spinning with Allena Williams

Description: Have a wheel or spindle and fluff but don't know what to do next? Would you like a refresher to get you started? We're just going to talk spinning and get you playing with fiber. Some good fiber to bring along for this class is BFL, Corriedale, Polwarth, Shetland, Finn, Jacob or Romney

Materials: Wheel or spindle and 4+oz of fiber for this class is BFL, Corriedale, Polwarth, Shetland, Finn, Jacob or Romney

Duration: 75 minutes

When: Thursday 6/22 1:00 - 2:15 PM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_t7_lets_get_spinning

Class Size Limit: 10

T8 : Bingo! with Susan Busbee

Description: Come play Bingo with us! It's good old fashioned bingo with crafty prizes!

Materials: Bring a Highlighter, pen, marker, or bingo daubers.

Duration: 90 minutes

When: Thursday 6/22 2:00 - 3:30 PM, Hall 3

Discord Channel: #zk2023_t8_bingo

Class Size Limit: 100

T9 : Solo Traveler Meet-up

Description: Did you venture to ZK2023 without a companion? Or are you extroverted and love making new friends?  Join this informal meeting spot for introductions and a chance to make dinner plans!  

Materials: Yourself! - I am making this a class so that y'all can chat on discord before class!

Duration: 30 minutes

When: Thursday 6/22 5:00 - 5:30 PM05 Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_t9_solo_traveler

Class Size Limit: 50

T10 : Craft Beer Swap with Laura Haave

Description: We don't just love making crafts -- we love drinking them too! Bring six 12 oz bottles or cans of beer or cider that is local to you to ZK. At the swap, we will introduce ourselves and let people know where we're from and what beverage we brought. You will then get to swap your beers for six beers brought by other ZKers, creating a mixed six-pack. Cheers!

- If you are flying to ZK rather than driving, you are welcome to purchase local Minnesota beers when you arrive in Rochester and swap those!
- If you want to bring more than six beers, you're welcome to do so. The amount of beers you bring = the amount of beers you'll leave with.
- If you're not a beer drinker but want to swap on behalf of a loved one back at home, that's totally ok!
- For ease of swapping, no growlers, tall boys, or other containers of beer that are not about 12 oz.

Materials: Bring six 12 oz. bottles or cans of a craft beer that is made locally to you (where you live now, your hometown or your favorite vacation spot can all count as "local to you").

Duration: 30 minutes

When: Thursday 6/22 5:00 - 5:30 PM, Atrium

Discord Channel: #zk2023_t10_craft_beer_swap

Class Size Limit: none



F1 : Relax though Movement with Erica Blizil

Description: Relax through Movement (Shibashi Qigong)

Materials: Wear comfortable clothes and socks.

Duration: 45 minutes

When: Friday 6/23 9:00 - 9:45AM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_f1_relax_movement

Class Size Limit: 10

F2 : Intro to Dorset Buttons with Lesley Reynolds

Description: An introduction to creating a spoke wheel Dorset Button. The class will include casting on, wrapping, laying on spokes, filling the center, adding new yarn, and casting off.

Materials: Students should bring 10 yards of a fingering weight yarn and a metal tapestry needle. Rings will be provided.

Duration: 75 minutes

When: Friday 6/23 10:00 - 11:15AM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_f2_dorset_buttons

Class Size Limit: 10

F3 : Flower Power Knitting with Darcy Thompson

Description: This session will explore knitting flower stitch patterns. Examples of different flower themed knit stitches will be shown, and participants will be guided through knitting a row of flowers.

Materials: Participants will knit a sample. They should bring DK or Worsted weight yarn and a U.S. Size 5 -7 needle that is appropriate to their yarn.

Duration: 45 minutes

When: Friday 6/23 11:30 - 12:15 PM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_f3_flower_power_knitting

Class Size Limit: 15

F4 : Doodle Demos with Maggie Fangmann

Description: Join Maggie Fangmann of Yarnaceous Fibers and Emily Madsen of Fangirl Fibers as we do a Doodle Demo, sharing our love of the pattern collection by Jamie Lomax (PNW Knitter)! In this breakout session you'll have fun playing with Doodle charts from the patterns, go over planning techniques, cast on a swatch or cowl, and play with color.

A worksheet will be included with prizes for fun knitting, dinosaur and fan(girl) related trivia.

Materials: DK or Fingering weight scrap yarn, or full skeins for knitting one of the Doodle Cowl patterns by Jamie Lomax. Knitting needles recommended for the yarn weight they bring.

Duration: 75 minutes

When: Friday 6/23 12:30 - 1:45PM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_f4_doodle_demos

Class Size Limit: 20

F5 : Mashup Spin In with Allena Williams

Description: Everyone bring your wheel/spindle and 4+oz of fiber. (you will leave with the same amount as you came with just not all of the same fiber) We'll come together and mix and match up our fibers and split and share them. I'll talk about how to plan mashup spins (also called combo spins) for big or small projects. We can then start spinning our mashups. We'll just have fun with fiber and spinning.

Materials: Participants should bring Spinning Wheel or Spindle, 4+ oz of fiber to share, extra bobbins etc stuff you need for spinning.

Duration: 75 minutes

When: Friday 6/23 1:00 - 2:15PM, Atrium

Discord Channel: #zk2023_f5_mashup_spin_in

Class Size Limit: 15

F6 : No More Paper Patterns with Sarah Martinez

Description: If you have a knitCompanion subscription, but don't use the app very often, this is the class for you! In this session, you will learn how to use knitCompanion features. This class will review on some basic functionalities, such as row and stitch markers, and getting your patterns into the app. It will also dive into more advanced "Setup" features, like setting up charts and Smart Counters.

Materials: Preferred to bring a device with knitCompanion installed to follow along (but not necessary)

Duration: 75 minutes

When: Friday 6/23 2:00 - 3:15AM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_f6_knitCompanion

Class Size Limit: 30

F7 : Pooling Party with Laura Haave

Description: Color pooling is the manipulation of yarns with long lengths of a distinct color to form patterns with that color in a finished project.

In this class, we will: learn how to determine if a particular yarn can be used for pooling projects; discuss the differences between "planned pooling" and "assigned pooling"; review the unique challenges of swatching, casting on, and binding off for a pooling project; and share ideas for projects. Stay hydrated.

Materials: No materials are required for this session; however, if participants are interested in bringing skeins from their stash to determine if they will work in pooling projects, they're encouraged to do so!

Duration: 75 minutes

When: Friday 6/23 3:30 - 4:45AM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_f7_pooling_party

Class Size Limit: 50

F8 : Local Yarn Swap with Emily Madsen and Maggie Fangmann

Description: Bring a skein of yarn from a favorite local to you dyer and swap it for a new one and a new to you dyer.

Materials: A skein of sock yarn (100g) from a local to you dyer

Duration: 30 minutes

When: Friday 6/23 9:00 - 9:30PM, Hall 2

Discord Channel: #zk2023_f8_yarn_swap

Class Size Limit: none