Friday, May 31, 2019

ZK2019: Classes!

Your mission, if you choose to take classes, is to review class descriptions along with the times and prioritize the classes you want to sign-up for.

* Sign-ups will go live on ZK Ravelry Group Friday June 7th, 2019 around 9AM CDT.  
Threads are started for each class offering, and to sign-up for the class you reply to the thread.
* The classes are first-come first-serve and each entry must be done by the person taking the spot. There is no registering for friends. If there are 10 spots in the class and you put your name in after it fills up, you will be put on a waitlist in that order.
* You will only be allowed to sign-up for 2 classes until June 14th.  At which time, you can sign-up for any open class without restrictions.
* Make sure to thank all our our wonderful teachers for their time, efforts, and knowledge!

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